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here, we'll put updates and news and stuff that should happen, but probably won't.

DIE FLYINGHOBOS DIE! - 8.17.01 - 9:31pm

It's over.

*GASP!!*- 8.17.01 - 9:30pm

talks of breaking up have climaxed.

new news and stuff - 7.30.01 - 7:30pm

andrew and justin have been talking about breaking up the band. this is not official as of yet, but since no one is reading this except for band members . . . no wait, just justin yes because he is the only visitor that has given this site a hit of over 1 million. go justin. woo! okay, soo yeah ... if the band does break up, don't worry!! andrew and justin are talking about another band, possibly a good band, maybe BETTER than flying hobos. yes, yes, i hear you justin, this won't be hard to do, so it is definite it'll be better. if we do break up, once again, we will have an official announcement on this site ... for justin ... and DewClaw ... aka our fans ... and also the possibility of justin's and andrew's awesome new band *insert awesomely cool name here* so, as Jim Morrison said: this is the end ... and also some other stuff too, but he was probably CRACKED OUT OF HIS MIND!!! yeah you know it...cause you're a monkey looker aren't you? okay, and if you think this "news" announcement is long, just wait until we decide upon breaking up. doesn't matter because liam nor sean know what this band is or why they miss so many practices. yeah...go platypus! *sigh* we suck. later.

i officially hate my life - 7.16.01 - 2:30pm

shoot me in the head dammit. this frickin' track x song sounds exactly like a green day song. i don't care...we're trashing it and just screwing the name "track x" as well since there are about 30 track x's...heah.

the song - 7.14.01 - 4pm

justin has written lyrics for the song. they're just about done. they're quite crazy. if it doesn't fit in good with the song then we'll write a new song.

whoa! amazing! we did it! - 6.22.01 - 7pm

we did it! justin and i wrote a song today...the intro, verse, chorus, and bridge are all made and planned out...the only thing that's lacking are lyrics. but those should come easy...we just need a good topic. for now we'll call it track x. and i guess i'll update that site too. congratulations to us.

finally an update! - 6.5.01 - 9pm

hola mi amigos...bienvenidos al sitio de los flying hobos! yeah...ok well we haven't done anything for the past three months. it's been going kinda rocky, but since school is ending we should get some practices in. we added a few more songs to our repertoire of songs we can't play. but that's ok. i'm still writing a song, which is very hard for just one person. ok well, cya around. oh yeah i took the link to download "timmy the turtle" off because napster now sucks. i suggest everyone downloads aimster. to download, go here.

updated with some bad information - 3.26.01 - 4pm

justin [our drummer] has been sent to hospital because someone broke a hockey stick over his leg in gym class. i dont know the full details. ill updated later with more in the 'misc' section.

more song stuff - 3.06.01 - 3pm

finally finished the track x tab. now we need to figure out bass, lyrics, and drums. haha. anyway. added the guestbook a few days ago and a new counter.

songs - 2.19.01 - 10am

starting to write/finish songs. i really need a bass to figure out the bass part for track x. anyway. more updates will come soon. songs...must write.

the latest hub-bub - 2.18.01 10am

recently coming back from the teen night at the elks lodge. i have decided that we really need to write some songs.

nothing much currently - 2.10.01 9pm

i am going to do some more stuff on the site eventually. still working on that track x tab [i am changing the song around]. keep you posted. peace.

byron is so dumb - 2.08.01 2pm

man byron is being a real idiot. anywho. i updated some cgi stuff [tech talk]. i'll work on the emails for the group instead of just links for emailing us. gotta practice music. oh yeah. i wrote a general song not refined yet but its ok.

heheh stuff - 2.07.01 4pm

woohoo. sean and i are partying. mad cool, yo. we updated some profiles. ok. now that sean is gone. i have done some more tech stuff on our site. prevention of hackerish type stuff.

houston, we have updates - 2.06.01 9pm

another update today. whoa. i think its just my urge to put random gibberish [jibberish depending on your crazy spelling] on the website. sean's bio is up and half of liams bio is up. i just learned a lot of stuff on the song puzzle by millencolin. maybe we could do a cover of that. i dont know. oh. everybody, if you are checking the updates and you see this, battlebots is on at 10 on comedy central. good show. robots are cool. peace out.

oh so close - 2.06.01 3pm

ah. no more menu to the left. it's now on the top under the logo. i updated the bios for andrew and justin. still waiting for all the info from liam and sean. yeah. ive worked on some guitar intros and chorus parts. we might be able to put together atleast one song. added the music page where you can find links to songs once we write some and where you can download some songs that we do covers of [requires napster]. sean's not very computer-savvy. oh and some more errors were dead links leading to other sites that would put unwanted things in the favorites menu. [thanks willie]

a third update in one day? amazing. - 2.5.01 9pm

whoa. back again. past few hours we've had many hits on our site. thanks guys! added some more links. please dont go to the bios as they dont work yet. still getting info from the band members. well. peace out. email us to tell us what you think about the site.

*gasp* another update in the same day - 2.5.01 6pm

i'm back. updated every page so they're all working links. all i need is some input from the other band members [justin, liam, sean] and we can really get things moving. yeah right. justin and i are planning on writing a song.

woohoo more updates! - 2.5.01 11am

hey hey. i'm making some images and after a while we might be able to get some pics of "the band" up. heheh. we're also going to add a links page to other bands from around here. email us with suggestions here.

lets get started - 2.4.01 9pm

yo!!! we're the flying hobos. a punk band from new york. check back often as i will be constantly updating this site. i'm going to make it look nicer with some javascript, dhtml, maybe even cgi or php. whatever.